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Fatherhood Focus
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Kenneth J. Waller, Jr. is the founder and developer of Fatherhood Focus, a program designed to train and mentor young men and fathers. Fatherhood Focus is committed to the ongoing growth and development of fathers, while ensuring the promotion of healthy relationships with their children. 

Ken has been actively involved in youth mentoring for over twenty years. One of Ken’s major focuses is the role men play in fatherhood and their involvement in child rearing and youth mentoring. As a child, Ken grew up without a father in his life; therefore, he knows firsthand how the absenteeism of a father affects a child’s life. Now as an adult and becoming a father at a young age, Ken recognizes the value fatherhood adds to the life of a child. Ken has continued to conquer the many challenges placed before him and is totally committed to helping other men become positive examples in their homes, churches and communities. 

Ken currently serves as a consultant for educational institutions, faith based organizations and community mentoring programs. Ken is the author of the newly published book, "Making it Clear" and the editor of the Fatherhood Focus E-Newsletter. Ken is a member of the Maryland Business Round Table for Education and Maryland Scholar Speakers Bureau. Ken has volunteered his services at the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, and the advisory board for the Baltimore County - Owings Mills, Department of Recreations and Parks.  

Ken has served as the fatherhood coordinator for the YMCA of Central Maryland in its joint effort, with the National Fatherhood Initiative. This role helps to equip 14 facilities with new programs and resources to connect fathers with their children and to prevent children born into fatherless homes. In carrying out this role, he draws on his years of experience as a motivational speaker, trainer, mentor, and football coach. 

Ken balances his efforts with his current work for ActioNet Inc., as a Software Release Manager. Prior to joining ActioNet, Ken worked for Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and was the owner of an information technology-consulting firm, Dynamic Computer Services.  

He currently lives in Maryland where he is proudly raising his two sons, Kenneth III and Joshua.

Kenneth J. Waller, Jr.
"Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing"
Program Director.