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Fatherhood Focus
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

About Us
The vision of Fatherhood Focus came to light after the founder, Ken Waller, witnessed first-hand the drastic decline of male involvement, not only in his community, but around the country. Growing up without his father, he understands the impact of what not having a father present can bring.  After conducting surveys asking men and women how not having male involvement in their lives affected them, he found the results were alarming.  

The results showed that children would have done better in school, never used drugs, never gone to prison, or become teenage parents if they had their fathers in their lives. Fatherhood Focus goal is to deliver a program that will get men involved and keep them engaged in the well being of their children. The program provides community and faith-based workshops and seminars for men. Fatherhood Focus strongly believes that men who gain knowledge, gain confidence. Being confident in our roles as fathers should not be taken lightly, but should be richly rewarded. 

Our target population is geared towards men 15 and over, and come from all walks of life.  We want to bring change to lives of all men by helping them to become the best men they can possibly be for their families, church, and community. The mission of Fatherhood Focus is to bridge the gap between custodial and non-custodial fathers. We are committed to the ongoing growth and development of fathers, while ensuring the promotion of a healthy relationship with their children.  

Fatherhood Focus is one of the links of a growing chain that is geared to reuniting fathers with his children, with the hope of building strong and long lasting relationships.